Huawei Receives “Best 5G Core Network Technology” award and five Best of Show awards as well

Huawei has won an award for the “Best 5G Core Network Technology” at the 5G World Summit 2019 which was held in London. Additionally, it has received five Best of Show awards at the largest annual ICT exhibition in Japan, Interop Tokyo 2019. The organization likewise positioned 47th in BrandZ’s yearly Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study.

The awards perceive Huawei as a supplier of new industry applications, plans of action, and high-performing IT foundation solutions to encourage the digital transformation of ventures.

The award for the “Best 5G Core Network Technology” has been given for Huawei’s 5G intelligent and streamlined core network which underpins all-cloud-based key advancements, for example, three-layer decoupling, stateless plan, cross-DC arrangement, micro services, and A/B test. This system is based on driving cloud local, connectivity+, and edge computing advancements. Huawei’s 5G shrewd and improved center systems is the business’ first core network that supports 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA top to bottom convergence.

It gives the Single Voice Core streamlined voice arrangement and CUPS-based disseminated engineering. In light of CUPS, it bolsters one-stop client plane fitting and play, on-demand scheduling of heterogeneous edge figuring assets, quick mix of third-party applications, and working of an open edge biological system, giving separated services and empowering a huge number of ventures.

Huawei’s AirEngine AP7060DN, the industry’s first business Wi-Fi 6 product, won the Grand Prize for Best of Show Award on the back of its ultra-huge transmission capacity, ultra-high capacity, ultra-low inactivity, and adaptable IoT development.

The jury perceived the arrangement’s capacities in executing quick administration recuperation and astute system O&M. Such capacities incorporate millisecond-level in-band stream estimation, continuous checking of system administration quality to meet service level agreement (SLA) prerequisites, and second-level silent shortcoming locating.

Huawei’s CampusInsight has won the Best of Show Award – Runners-up at Interop Tokyo 2019. It a system analyzer that utilizes AI, data analytics and telemetry innovation to a WI-FI network movement progressively to recognize fault risk and cut O&M costs.

Huawei’s CampusInsight uses the intensity of AI to lead network overseers to a future where systems will be self-ruling and self-mending, and enormous volumes of network O&M data can be broke down to improve administration activities proficiency and convey a formerly inconceivable client experience.

Huawei’s Atlas 500 AI edge station has been awarded as the Best of Show Award Runners-up at Interop Tokyo 2019 for its unrivaled computing power, cloud-edge coordinated effort, and edge organization highlights. The technology leads the best approach to empower shrewd change for edge computing.

Huawei’s In-situ Flow Information Telemetry (iFIT) arrangement made a buzz at Interop Tokyo 2019, winning the Best of Show Award Special Prize. The award was given for its abilities in actualizing quick administration recovery and insightful system O&M. Such capacities incorporate millisecond-level in-band stream estimation, constant checking of system administration quality to meet administration level understanding (SLA) prerequisites, and second-level quiet flaw finding.

Huawei’s NetEngine 8000 gathered up the Best of Show Award Grand Prize in system framework at Interop Tokyo 2019 gratitude to its upper hands, including a huge limit of 14.4 Tbit/s per opening, one stage for all situations, SRv6 for astute network, and full lifecycle automation. Winning this honor shows that Huawei’s NetEngine 8000 is exceptionally respected by specialists all through the business.

Huawei has fortified its situation as a worldwide brand with an eight percent expansion in brand worth and one spot up from a year ago in positioning.


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