Samsung Galaxy S10 5G inside details

At first, we were not able to spend much time with the all-new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G as we were not allowed actually to turn the thing on. But this time we had a good amount of the first-hand experience with the device, and we are back with a closer look at Galaxy S10. Samsung at Mobile World Congress had a booth full of them to let the audience have their hands on over the device.

Talking about the technology and the basics, Galaxy S10 5G is pretty much similar to the last year’s Galaxy Note 9 in both shape and sizes, though it’s a bit slimmer than Note 9. The difference between the thickness of Note 9 and S10 5G will be about one millimeter, and it does not have S pen either. Galaxy S10 5G will come equipped with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen which will be comfortable to use for long periods unlike standard S10 and S10 Plus which are not as slim as the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will have new time-of-flight cameras at both the rear and front ends of the device. There have been reports that the new cameras are equipped to improve AR experiences that 5G networks can provide.

The most significant use of these depth-sensing cameras in Galaxy S10 5G will be shooting videos with background-blurring. Though it is not the newest idea of all as rivals like Huawei and LG, have similar cameras on their Mate 20 Pro and new G8 ThinQ respectively, Samsung’s implementation feels like the best of them.

So basically what made clear after we got closer to Galaxy S10 5G is that the smartphone is the most polished of any of the first-generation 5G phones we’ve seen so far at the show.


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